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Sailogy allows professional charter companies to list and manage their fleet.
You can publish your boats for free and only pay in case of successful bookings.

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How it works

List your boats

Publish photos, videos, descriptions of each boat of your fleet. We will assist in making your boats shine in order to receive more booking enquiries. You can even quickly customise extras and boat equipment.

Set prices and discounts

Setting prices, offers and discounts has never been easier. Sailogy offers you a professional tool, designed around professional charter operators to manage seasons, special offers and bundles. Intuitive and fast.

Manage calendar

Via Sailogy you can run your entire business. Our calendar runs options, maintenance period, last minute offers and early bookings. Charter operators can even import their existing orders in order to use one single interface.

Make bookings

Customers will autonomously book your boats or get in touch with you to finalise orders. Payments are collected by Sailogy in a secure way and funds are transferred to you 30 days before departure (excludes last minute).

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Your unique benefits

Speak directly with customers

Use your private message page to promote sales

Sailogy’s visitors can contact you directly before making a reservation. This is a great opportunity for you to provide additional information and make sure the booking goes well. Also our statistics show that a quick response to customers’ enquiry is the #1 winning factor to a successful booking. With Sailogy you can reply directly at any time, with no barriers between you and the customers.

Manage multiple harbours

You operate in multiple locations, so does Sailogy

You can run operations in multiple marinas from the same accounts. Simply select which boats are located in all you your harbours and you can define which seasonality, prices and extras are applied to each location.

Set accurate prices and discounts

A professional calendar tool you can use for free

Best charter operators need the possibility to adjust prices based on bookings and seasonality. With our unique calendar you can set specific prices based on period of the year and number of requests. Additionally you can automate discounts in order to promote underperforming boats during last-minute season.

Common questions

Sailogy will pay you 50% of the amount few days after the booking and the other 50% 30 days prior to departure. In case of last minute we will pay 100% as soon as funds are received from customers. Sailogy normally pays on the 1st and 16th day of each month so we will group all payments due to you in these dates. This reduces bank fees and simplify the booking.
You do not need to confirm any booking, our system runs all required paperwork. Bookings will be automatically added to your calendar and you and the customer will both have a copy of the voucher. When the customer arrives to your harbour during the check-in you will sign the standard charter agreement you normally use.
Sailogy is designed to feature Sailing Boats, Catamarans, Motor Boats, and Gullets. We have pre-filled the system with technical specifications of more than 500 boat models; if your boats are not in system you can simply add or modify the specs. Also you can include descriptions as well as custom equipment.
Yes! You can add as many extras as you need set a price, choose if you want to be paid per person, per booking or per week. Additionally it is possible to have the extras paid directly online or alternatively paid at the time of boarding. Mandatory extras will be shown to customers at the moment of booking.
Getting started only requires 3 minutes. Once you upload your first boat it will take you just a few minutes per every additional boat in order to have the system properly optimised. From that moment on you just have to follow-up on requests and bookings. Sailogy’s system is designed to save you time and you will see how simple and easy it is.
No, sorry. Sailogy strives to provide to travellers the best possible service and for this reason we only allow professional charter operators to publish their fleets. We believe a private individual would not have the appropriate structure to properly execute the services, which include, maintenance, pro-laundry and cleaning, spare parts, 24h telephone assistance, sea rescue services and so on.

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